Episode 36: The King In Ruby Robes - Part XI

November 22, 2018

Captured again by the Unending, the kids finally meet the cult’s leader, the King in Ruby Robes, Talitho Bakroni. He sits down with them, plays them a song, and invites them to a “performance” at dawn. It’s the penultimate episode of this arc and, as day breaks, things are looking dark.


Episode 35: The King In Ruby Robes - Part X

November 8, 2018

The kids have found Beth, but can they escape the compound? Will they outmaneuver the Unending, or does the cult have an unforeseen gambit waiting to ensnare them? And can Tad go a whole episode without making a dumb decision?


Episode 34: The King In Ruby Robes - Part IX

October 25, 2018

The kids have finally found the mansion. Flo communes with the dead. Max spies some visitors. Tad freaks out about doors. Zeke just tries to keep up. And remember, there is no time travel in this episode.


Episode 33: The King In Ruby Robes - Part VIII

October 11, 2018

Hey there / check out this episode. It’s a / good one / it will not leave you cold. In it / the kids / hotwire a bus / and then / THEY! / FIGHT! / LOTS! / OF! / BAD! / GUYS! (DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN!) It’s fun to listen to / K D RPG! It’s fun to listen to / K D RPG! (I’m sorry.)


Episode 32: The King In Ruby Robes - Part VII

September 27, 2018

Still exploring the Unending’s massive compound, the kids find a multitude of graves, a plethora of guards, an abundance of bullets, and a whole bunch of dumb names – everything you could want out of a cult!