Episode 17: The Thoughts From Another Place - Part VI

March 1, 2018

Flo attempts to hijack an excavator. Max and Zeke sit down for the world’s most awkward lunch. Tad sees what’s on the other side. And, most shocking of all, we finally learn Max’s dad’s name.


Episode 16: The Thoughts From Another Place - Part V

February 15, 2018

Can Flo outrun all her problems? Can Zeke fight his way to victory? Can Max resist the temptation of a clean record? And can Tad unearth what’s going on backstage? As things get really weird at Beaver Creek Junior High, the kids are split up.


Episode 15: The Thoughts From Another Place - Part IV

February 1, 2018

These good kids are in bad trouble! (And I’m not just talking about detention.) This is an episode that mama gonna like!


Episode 14: The Thoughts From Another Place - Part III

January 18, 2018

Tad is getting sicker! Flo is getting tougher! Max is getting angrier! Zeke just wants to dance! But are the other kids all right?


Episode 13: The Thoughts From Another Place - Part II

January 4, 2018

All their classmates are walking exactly the same! What are the kids to make of this? What’s going on? Some sort of hip, new preteen trend? A draconian school rule? Or something far more sinister? The kids avoid these questions by getting into pointless squabbles over nonexistent acting roles, trying to awkwardly force little sister-big sister relationships, and ruthlessly insulting their peers.